Soft Borders and Globalisation

“Macbeth’s self-justifications were feeble—and his conscience devoured him. Yes, even Iago was a little lamb too. The imagination and the spiritual strength of Shakespeare’s evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology…”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The Globalisation platform requires a myriad of transformations economically, politically, and socially before it can fully consolidate. Most importantly however, none of these matter if sovereign borders are not redefined or eliminated altogether; in fact, this has been the sole stumbling block over the past two decades since the breakdown of the Soviet Union. One of the keys as to why the Internationalists have failed to make greater strides recently is European nationalism. It will just not go away. And why should it? Generations have fought and died for ideas that were intricately linked to home and country. It runs as deep as instinct. Sublimate it a bit, and it is essentially spiritual. So then, in spite of this, how are the Political Elites dealing with it? Well, they have just decided to forget that borders even exist.

When Angela Merkel, against all logic or principle, invited the entire Third World—and by default, the whole of Islam—to safely enter the European continent, the first phase of a borderless system of governance was ushered in. By telling European member states to “stand down” before the massive inflow of millions, using threats of economic sanctions and blackmail to enforce compliance, the EU bureaucratic elite were able to give up an entire continent of nations and peoples without a single shot being fired. Even more stunning than this was the complacence with which it was met; and in some cases, was cheered on by the multitude of naive, Liberal Left youth of Europe. To make things more complex, the vast set of loans required for this operation which interlinked so many of the larger member states now created an economic pact of mutual self-destruction, thereby getting the European tax payer to finance his own doom.

A few leaders were not fooled by all of this. They knew that the cover story of so-called “Syrian Refugees” was a fraud; that it was vote swapping in the short run, and nation-breaking in the long run. But severe limits on sovereign decision-making since the Lisbon Treaty was signed handcuffed them. In Viktor Orban’s case (Hungary), despite a 98% vote against refugee quotas in the referendum this week, all of his work towards ending the migrant problem backfired as the turnout was too low. This was, in part, engineered by NGOs who told Left-leaning partisans not to vote at all, subsequently sabotaging the entire referendum. The Liberal youth were only too happy to listen, while they smugly laughed away their inheritance and future. So how is it possible that so many Europeans just don’t seem to care?

Well, the short answer is: they have been modeled to think in global paradigms. With the exception of Eastern Europe, where five decades of brutal Communism gave the nations who lived through it a healthy dislike for leftist macro-politics, the majority of Europeans have been pummeled with cultural indoctrination. A liberal, socialist worldview is the only intellectual, popular, and scientific narrative they have ever known. Since 1945, most European countries, and especially Germany, have been collectively ambushed by a coercive brand of thought reform, whereby a general sense of guilt is placed into a part of one’s personality core, which then acts as a regulator for filtering ideas and influencing modes of thinking. These “liberal” values are disseminated in school curricula, advertising, and entertainment. All of these “hubs” are operated and controlled by a Liberal Elite which is constantly vetting itself. No different than any run-of-the-mill Communist system—excepting of course the prisons and torture—just with the added touch of public porn and Hollywood glamour. So by entrenching a sustained guilt complex beneath all of this, the notion of a borderless world community begins to sound rather pleasant, perhaps even ideal. The ruling establishment then uses the fuzzy feelings this produces while committing genocide upon the European people—who even foot the bill for it!

 The tragedy of soft, open borders is a process that will play out over several generations. The cultural tensions on the streets of Canada, America, and Europe will seethe and boil, sometimes erupting into mob violence. And, as in the previous, most notorious attempt at mass culture-mixing in Russia, where the Bolsheviks murdered well over 50 million gentiles by moving great swathes of people across ethnic and religious boundaries like so many cattle, the popular unrest will need to be quickly and savagely put down. But the Russian Man still had his cultural memory, and resisted until the very end. In contrast, the domesticated, almost effete, Western male will not be up to the task; while his female counterpart will willingly go over to the other side as they are wont to do. Demographics will ensure that this cannot be solved in the democratic political sphere, and our very own socialist governments will not allow their immigrant voting machine come to any harm; so do not be surprised when the cross hairs of their ire are fixed on you when you speak up for your so-called rights…

 Welcome to the borderless state!

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