The “White” Versus “European” Identity Crisis

The Mainstream narrative has narrowed its scope over the past ten years in what it defines as European culture. And this has been by design, as there is no evidence that it occurred organically. In fact, there is ample proof that the characterization of “Whiteness” and the deliberate dislocation of this modern concept from its cultural and racial core—that of a European realization and identity—has been a massive victory by the Liberal Elite over the collective consciousness of European peoples. Furthermore, this continued effort to abstract our self-identity into the synthetic abstraction which has come to be known as “White” will assuredly annihilate whatever sense of distinctiveness we still have left while leaving our entire group vulnerable to the racialist, marginalizing policies of the Cultural Marxist establishment. The whole point of this endevour has been to pacify the instinctive urge to defend one’s family, nation, and birthrights. It is that simple. The result has been the manufactured migration of 120 million non-Europeans into Australia, Europe, and North America over the past 50 years without a single significant incident of pushback. This could never have occurred with a group of people who were self-aware.

So, if race is a social construct, then why promote such an antithetical label as “White” into the mainstream dialogue so often? And why promote this label only in negative terms? Won’t people see through this at some point?

Well, the answer is twofold: The label is being sold to non-Europeans who will either justify further their victim status, or use it as invective against a competitive group; conversely, it is simultaneously being sold to Europeans who will begin to identify as “White”. The former transfers greater cultural power to an under-class of potential enemies to European culture; the latter arrests the development of European identity by making us ashamed of our selves while identifying with a negative, completely false concept that is empty of any content—in other words, we are now identifying with nothingness.  This must be repeated here: the MSM and the Cultural Marxist academic elite have essentially emptied Western society of its cultural content. And when you cannot identify with anything having such content, you have nothing left to defend. The nightmare of this scenario, and the black magic of those behind it should tell you how deep this group’s hatred of our people and culture runs.

This goes beyond simple genocide.

And while we are on the topic of genocide. If we were to use the standard definitions and legal criteria when using the term “White” to represent the native European peoples, then at least two of the five conditions have been met for establishing that genocide has been conducted by our political elites—with international entities in support—against the populations of Australia, Canada, the United States, and the EU. In the United Nations Convention on Genocide (see link above), both actions (c) and (d) were and are still being orchestrated against European peoples in the West, while the charge can be made that the latter portion of (b) has also been applied. But because race is a social construct, none of the claims above have any value since race only matters when it can be used to violate or dishonour native Europeans, or to entitle non-Europeans; just as race can be used to support the socio-political development of ethnic minorities, but must never be used to isolate the behavioural patterns of these very same groups for gathering statistical data.

The hypocrisy between these comparisons is obvious to most Europeans living in the West, but without a core identity operating, and the social consequences for those who speak against these discrepancies, only a few faint voices can be heard from the dark. And if you listen closely enough, you just might make out the last dying echo of an entire race of people…